YEPPERS!! Welcome to the world of golf from the eyes of some local Arizona golfers! IFIGOLF.COM is a site designed to give you, the everyday golfer, a view on what golf should be...FUN! The Stimpmeter, Architects, Design, Grass Quality, and my favorite Grass Type, are all "interesting" to talk about.  However, at we are bringing you the real deal! Real video of what we see, and what you can expect to see out on the rugged Arizona golf courses. That is correct! We are setting out to review golf courses with real video of what you can expect to see. Using facts, and hopefully unbiased opinion. We are bringing a real time, real world look at the review of a golf course. The things that really make most of us come back to this punishment we hold so dear. Have you ever pulled up to a new golf course and were completely surprised by what you saw? The parking lot is a mile  from the club house. The bag drop is never staffed of even looks like a bag drop. Then you finally find the pro-shop just to be greeted with a condescending smirk. Beers are overpriced, if you can find the beer cart. The course has more ground under repair than Arizona freeways, and the bunkers are.......well lets not get started there!! By the time you hit the first tee it will take an act of god for you to leave happy.....(think caddyshack).

You might be wondering why we came up with such a silly plan? Well... a group of guys would get together to play, and found ourselves consistently asking "where should we play?" "Which place is worth the money?" Not the cheapest, just a course we know we will get our moneys worth. A place where the golf course is "as advertised". Commonly, the answer started with "if i golf...". Thus the catchy name! Don't get us wrong, we understand there is an appeal to playing a golf course you have never seen before. And in Arizona you can spend the entire year playing somewhere new everyday. However, planning a relaxing enjoyable round of golf, just to end up feeling like you were hoodwinked carries no appeal. And then it was born, a group of guys trying to help all golfers get what they pay for.

With modern technology at it's most exciting times, we realized letting people in on the overall atmosphere of a golf course was at the push of a button. We are a society of value, and that is what we aim to bring. Value to your next vacation, social gathering,  or competetive round of golf. We aim to bring you exactly what the course has to offer, along with our most humble opinion (ha!). We will help you decide if the course is worth the money.
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